We first established Arex lighting in 2002 as a Malaysia-based lighting product wholesaler focusing on energy-saving products. Since our inception, we have always upheld our motto of solely providing first-rate products with high lumen ratings, long lifespans, and energy-saving characteristics, guaranteeing our products are well worth their price with stellar quality. While pursuing better lighting performances, however, we never neglect the safety of our products and go through rigorous testing to ensure our products comply with international and local safety standards.

To achieve these goals, we never shy away from progress and actively pay attention to any technological advancements in the lighting industry. Our endeavours have allowed us to become one of the leading Malaysian LED lighting providers during its initial rise. Since then, we have worked on many projects ranging from small scales, like food and beverage venues, to larger scales, like shopping complexes and industrial settings. We are proficient at supplying and handling all types of lighting products for public spaces, as evidenced by our extensive list of projects.

Although we have LEDs as our current focal point, we always strive to reinvent ourselves to provide swift, safe, state-of-the-art lighting experiences for our clients. You may observe this innovative spirit through the latest addition to our catalogue, the solar series, which abides by our motto of luminance, longevity and energy conservation. We are always looking forward to the next advancement in the field as another opportunity for improvement for our customers.

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