Osaki is an industrial and commercial fan supplier based in Malaysia. We offer an extensive selection of wall, floor, stand and even exhaust fans, all with various sizes to choose from according to your needs. The Osaki catalogue primarily covers fans suitable for the airflow and ventilation requirements of small to medium-scale environments. However, we also market our smaller-sized stand and wall fans for household settings.

You will find Osaki products in diverse environments, like open-air food and beverage venues, retail shops, and primarily in factory settings. Osaki has become one of the go-to suppliers for industrial fans due to the high airflow our fans can deliver. We have achieved this by equipping our fans with a pure copper motor, which improves their load efficiency capabilities. Furthermore, we have optimised our fan blades for smooth and quick rotation motion without compromising the durability of the fan blades by making them from lightweight but sturdy materials like aluminium, plastic and polypropylene. Depending on the fan, there are additional features such as temperature protectors, ball bearing systems, synchronous motors, and more.

 Osaki is an industrial and commercial FAN Supplier based in Malaysia

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